Creative and experienced Professional Photography in Glasgow & Scotland

Based in the coastal town of Helensburgh, I capture stylish wedding and portrait photography at Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Argyll and throughout Scotland.

Creative and experienced, I’ve been a full-time professional photographer for over 30 years, working with all kinds of photography and all kinds of people.


Big Weddings, Small Weddings & Pink Weddings at Loch Lomond & Glasgow

ian arthur wedding photographer scotlandYour wedding is important – and so are your wedding pictures because they are lasting reminders of this special day, which is why you need someone with experience to capture your day. Your wedding is also the start of a journey and I would like to share a part of this journey in the best way that I can – through my creative and life-lasting wedding photography.

You’re looking for a wedding photographer, so who do you choose…? Well there’s lots of photographers out there, all clamouring for your wedding and all promising you the world. Well, I don’t promise you the world, but I do promise you my skill, my experience, and some great photography.

I am a full-time photographer, providing timeless and stylish wedding photography at Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Edinburgh, the Highlands and throughout Argyll and Scotland. If you want to read more and see some of my pictures, then just click on the link…


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Creative portraits on Monochrome Film and lifestyle portraits on Digital

ian arthur portrait photographer glasgowI am also a portrait photographer, creating life-lasting portraits, either at Loch Lomond or Glasgow. I can do this using digital cameras, which bring quality and colour to life, or using a rangefinder camera loaded with monochrome film that I develop and in my own darkroom, bringing timelessness and uniqueness to your pictures.

Whatever your age, or whatever the occasion I would love to capture those precious moments with my film photography or digital portrait photography. Whether its for singles, couples, families, celebrations special events, I would love to be your portrait photographer – to capture the moment and capture the occasion. If you want to read more, then just click on the link…


Portraits on Film        Portraits on Digital