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Experienced and creative, I photograph weddings both large and small at Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Argyll and across Scotland, telling stories and capturing the moment through my picture taking.




Your wedding day is going to be the start of a new journey, and I would like to share a small part of this journey with you in the best way I can – through my wedding photography.




Soon its going to be your wedding day, and one of the happiest days of your life. And as a lasting reminder of this special day you will need someone to capture your day and those future memories.


Large Weddings

You're having a big wedding day, with lots of people and lots of things going on. And with all the planning you've done, its only natural that you want lots of pictures as well - pictures that record every moment of your day. Big weddings are wonderful, and from the preparations to the first dances in the evening I love every moment. However big your wedding is going to be, I would be more than happy to capture your wedding day and capture those unrepeatable moments. 

Small Weddings

You are getting married and have decided to have fewer guests at your day. Sometimes nice things come in smaller packages...! So even though you are having a smaller wedding day, why not have some special pictures to complement and remember this special day...? I love these kind of days and the joy they bring, and with fewer guests this give me the time and space to document your day, capturing the formal as well as the more candid and moments that unfold during the day.

Intimate Weddings

Are you having an intimate or elopement wedding...? Maybe just a few guests, or even just the two of you...? If you are, then having someone to capture your day is really important. Besides having something to remember your day, its also something to show your family and friends when you return and break the news. And as a full-time photographer I am available seven days a week to capture your day and those memories.

Same Sex Weddings

If you are planning a same sex wedding and are a bit nervous about choosing a photographer, then don't worry because I have the experience of knowing what to expect during a pink wedding day. Whether its a large or small wedding, or just the two of you, having someone who is genuinely GLBT friendly to document your day will give you one less thing to worry about - as well as some great pictures to prolong your memories.


Besides weddings, I also photograph portraits of singles, couples, families, special occasions and even pets or horses. I don’t use a studio but work entirely on location, either somewhere outdoors at your home.


Although I am located in the coastal town of Helensburgh, I photograph weddings of all shapes and sizes throughout Scotland - including Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Stirling, Argyll, Ayrshire and the Highlands.


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Wedding Gallery One

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Wedding Gallery Two

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Wedding Gallery Three



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I am also a portrait photographer and whether its for singles, couples, families, engagements, birthdays, celebrations, family get-together’s, pet's, equine or special occasions, then I would love to capture your moment in time.




I don’t use a studio as I prefer to work outdoors at Loch Lomond or in Glasgow, which make great locations for portrait photography, plus I use natural light for my portraits as I believe this offers the best opportunity to capture the mood of the occasion.




So, if you are thinking of a having some portrait pictures, or would like your special occasion photographed, then please take a few minutes to visit my galleries to see some of my pictures to see some of my work.



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