Elegant and natural wedding photography in Glasgow and across Scotland by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography

Glasgow Wedding Photographer


Lots of guests, lots going on and lots of photography. These kind of days I know all too well.


The dress, cars and the cake – just fewer guests, plus great photo’s to make it perfect…


Two people madly in love, and doing it your own way. I’ll even be your witness…!


A GLBT friendly service for pink weddings and ceremonies of all shapes and sizes…

I am an experienced and professional wedding photographer, providing natural and time lasting wedding photography with an emphasis on story telling


A wordsmith once said “There can be a lot of longevity in the repetition of things being told again and again in a variety of ways”, and its something that struck a note with me because I am a wedding photographer. Over the years I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings and many would think what I do can be repetitive, but I can assure you, it’s not. From the outside they may appear to be the same, but from within, they’re all very different. This is why I love being a wedding photographer as besides the variation of what I do, I love the smiles and the unexpectedness of the day, and I love the fact that your wedding is unrepeatable and will only happen once.

Photography for weddings of all shapes and sizes in Glasgow, Argyll and Loch Lomond by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography


I photograph weddings across central Scotland, including Helensburgh, Loch Lomond, Glasgow, Argyll, Ayrshire, Dumbartonshire, Renfrewshire and Stirlingshire. And always with a smile…


Its easy to see when two people love each other, especially at a wedding. Same sex weddings are no different, which is why I’ve been offering a genuinely GLBT friendly service for gay and lesbian couples for over ten years

GLBT photography for weddings same sex weddings of all shapes and sizes in Glasgow, Argyll and Loch Lomond by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography

My approach to wedding photography is relaxed and definitely hands-off


Many photographers use complicated words for what they do, but I don’t as I just call it wedding photography. I observe rather than organise and prefer to stand back and capture the day as it unfolds, and I’m definitely not going to boss you about, contrive pictures or make people jump up and down. The only time I get involved is during the group pictures and the newlyweds portraits, as I need to tell people where to stand and what to do. For the rest of the time its just me capturing your day as it happens.

A wedding is the start of a new journey for two people, and as a photographer I am lucky enough to share a small part of this journey with you – by taking pictures you will cherish, and most of all, let you re-live the day for many years to come.

Kind Words

"It was an absolute pleasure to have you at our wedding and we really can’t thank you enough..!"

"We were so lucky to find one of the best wedding photographers in Glasgow."

"When we got the pictures we were amazed how many there were and how he’d managed to take pictures of things that I completely missed."

"On the day you were unobtrusive but captured the whole story of the day."

I cannot recommend Ian highly enough. This is a special and important part of any wedding and he was excellent in both service and quality”.

Sarah & Mark

“Wow. All I can say is WOW!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Thank you so so so much for taking the time you took to make it all so perfect. We just love it.

Kristen & AJ

Elegant & Timeless

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Capturing natural wedding moments in Glasgow, Loch Lomond and Argyll by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography
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Elegant wedding photography in Glasgow by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography
GLBT friendly photographer for same sex weddings in Scotland, Glasgow and Argyll by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography


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