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Wedding Photographer Glasgow, Loch Lomond & Argyll

My name is Ian Arthur and I am a full-time wedding photographer with decades of experience photographing weddings of all shapes and sizes. Based near Loch Lomond and Helensburgh I photograph weddings across central Scotland, including Glasgow, Argyll, Ayrshire and the Highlands.

intimate wedding photography by ian arthur Scotland & Argyll
Weddings in Helensburgh and Rhu by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography
Creative, elegant and candid moments caught on camera by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography



Creative wedding photography for small and elopement weddings by Glasgow Wedding Photographer Ian Arthur

Intimate weddings or elopement weddings – with bespoke coverage for the smallest of weddings in Glasgow and Central Scotland.



Photography for large weddings

You’ve got the dress, the cars and maybe the church, but with fewer guests than a big wedding. Afternoon or whole day coverage.



Elegant wedding photography for small weddings by Glasgow Wedding Photographer Ian Arthur

Uncomplicated coverage from the start to finish for those big weddings with lots of things going on, lots of guests and lots of pictures.

Same Sex


GLBT friendly wedding photography in Glasgow by Ian Arthur Wedding Photographer

Elegant GLBT friendly wedding photography to meet the needs of lesbian and gay couples when declaring their love for one another.

Glasgow Wedding Photographer


Hello. My name is Ian Arthur and I really do love weddings. Yes, I know, it sounds a bit soppy doesn’t it – but who can’t resist a good wedding..? And spookily enough, I also happen to be a full-time wedding photographer. How strange is that..?

I really do love wedding day because a wedding is a happy occasion. Sure, there are usually a few moments of anxiety or drama, which is only natural, but a wedding is a happy day and I just love being there to play my part in the coming together of two people in love.  I also love the challenge of capturing the moment, and especially capturing those real moments without any interference from me.

Your wedding day is going to be one of the happiest and most hectic days of your life, and with so much going on during the day you’re not going to remember much of it. This is why you need a photographer with experience who can capture all this happiness so afterwards you can look back and re-live your day for many years to come.

Over the years I have photographed hundreds and hundreds of weddings so I know where to be and what to do at any kind of wedding. I photograph weddings in my own way by capturing the day with relaxed, natural and elegant photography, and whether you are having a big wedding, a small wedding, an intimate or elopement wedding, I have more than enough experience to photograph your day.



Its my job to tell the story of your day through my pictures, and I do this by creating timeless, candid and elegant images…

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Creative, elegant and candid moments caught on camera by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography


My weddings page will give you a better idea of how my style of photography could fit into your wedding day.

Photography for small pink weddings in Glasgow by Ian Arthur


I have been offering GLBT friendly wedding photography for gay and lesbian couples for over ten years. Find out more...

Portrait Photography and engagement photography by Ian Arthur


Whether it's for singles, couples, families or special occasions, I can be there to capture your moment in time. 

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