5 Top Wedding Tips for Brides

1. Dry the bottom of the stems of your flowers off. They can make a lovely wet stain on your dress if still wet.
2. Take the stickers off the bottom of your shoes..! Hairspray will help if they are really sticky. This is the first thing I check for when I enter a room on the morning of a wedding. Maybe task one of the bridesmaids with doing it for you.
3. Get some food before you put the dress on. Lots of brides don’t eat the wedding breakfast as they are talking to friends and family. You will need something to keep you going.
4. Get into your dress earlier than you think. Especially if its one that laces up the back. They are always trickier than they looked in the shop and need to be tied twice to make sure you are in properly. Plus you want a few minutes to settle into it.
5. Take a bottle of water with you in the car. You will get a dry mouth on the way. And try to have the occasional drink of water during the day, to help soak up the wine or champagne…!