5 Top Wedding Tips for Couples

1. On the morning of your wedding, you can’t do any more than you’ve already done. Everything that you have worked on and planned has been done so now its time to relax and just go with the flow. Be a passenger…! Some things may go wrong but as long as YOU are there, your partner is there and you have someone to marry you, then everything else is a bonus.

2. Don’t let others stress you out. I have seen lots of well-wishing family or friends add to the stress on the morning without knowing it. “Your car is here already” is something I often hear being shouted, which then sets everyone into a panic. The car will always be early and it’s not going without you so don’t worry about it. Just remember that YOU have the control. Those around you will often do things that can get your adrenaline going so just let it wash over you.

3. Wherever you are getting married, ask the Minister or Registrar if they are actually going to pronounce you ‘Husband and Wife’ or something similar. Some do and some don’t, and some couples don’t want ‘Husband and Wife’ at all but something else. If you are expecting that moment to happen and it doesn’t, it can be a bit of an anti-climax.

4. Do have that first kiss. Even if it’s in a church where they don’t pronounce you “Husband & Wife” still have the first kiss. For many, it’s the moment you are truly married and if it doesn’t happen, it’s a shame.

5. Plan ample time between the end of wedding ceremony and sitting down for the wedding breakfast as once the meal starts, the rest of the day will just fly. Leaving plenty of time in the afternoon to speak with family and friends and enjoy the atmosphere is the why you have planned this wedding. Also, plan at least an hour for the photography…!