5 Top Wedding Tips for Groom’s

1. C’mon Guy’s, it’s all about the bride! From deciding the date to the last dance of the evening, your job is to ensure the bride is happy. That means supporting her decisions, fixing any problems that come up (ideally without her even knowing it’s happened), and guarding her from anyone you know is going to make her blood boil on the day.

2. Have your say if you really want something or don’t like something, but don’t keep quiet about it just to keep your fiancée happy. Also, don’t harp on about it for ever – once a decision is made, move on so you can enjoy the rest of the planning .

3. Discuss with your bride whether your suit, jacket or kilt is going to be a surprise or whether you’re going to match a colour scheme. Most grooms are just left to it, but having some idea of what the bride is expecting is a wise move.

4. Choose your best man wisely! It’s not just about who can organise the best stag-do because a good best man needs to be able to help you, advise you and support you both before and during the day. Do you really want your bride upset because your best man is his usual drunk and disorderly self on the day, or worst yet, uses the ‘F’ word in every sentence – because there may be children in the guest list…!

5. Write your speech. Then take out half the bad jokes and rewrite it. Discuss with your bride who is going to thank who (the bride usually makes a speech these days too), and make sure you get the thank you’s in first. The very minimum you should have in your speech should include: a bit about your new bride and how amazing she is, thanking the bride’s parents and the best man, thanking all the guests for being there and finally to thank and toast the bridesmaids.