A summer wedding cruise on Loch Lomond with Abi & Phil

Phil is from Scotland and Abi from Liverpool. They work in Liverpool whci is where they met and fell in love. because of their love of the Scottish scenery, they decided they wanted to get married in Scotland – but not just any wedding – they wanted to get maried ON Loch Lomond. Fortunately, this is where Cruise Loch Lomond are really good at things like this and were more than happy to help with, so with a few of their closest, they all came up to Loch Lomond for Abi and Phil’s wedding. 

The passenger vessel for the day was the Lomond Queen, and with white ribbons on the prow, she looked magnificent. Phil arrived first with their ‘best-dog’, Charlie, and then accomanied with her father, Abi arrived – who looked stunning with her white dress and lace cloak. Then once everyone was aboard we left the quay at tarbet and motored just a few miles away to Tarbet Island where the crew anchored the Lomond Queen for the wedding. The ceremony was officiated by Jane MacGregor from the Helensburgh Register Office, who brought along their office mascot to help – Kiltie the Bear. And before long, and with many a nice word from Jane and the passing of the Quaich Abi and Phil then became one.

After the ceremony we upped-anchor to drop Jane back at Tarbert and then once the corks were popped and the smoked salmon placed at arms length, we headed north along Loch Lomond to Invesnaid and then across to Invergulas. Then we passed Honeymoon Island – where legend has it that newlyweds were placed on the island for seven days after they were married. No chance of that on this trip…! And after a very pleasant trip we arrived back to Tarbet and as the guests headed back to the cottage, I took Abi and Phil to the Loch lomond coastline for some more pictures to make their day complete.

A wonderful day and a really wonderful couple. I wish you love light and peace for the future…