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I’m one of those rarities in that I’m a full-time photographer. It’s all I’ve ever done and all I’ll ever do. So, where did it all start…?

An early career in marine engineering took me travelling and I started taking pictures every country I visited. After a few years I started to think that being a photographer could be more fun than engineering, so after going back to school I became a fully qualified photographer in 1983. In 1987 I also qualified as an Associate in the British Institute of Professional Photography – an achievement which I am still massively proud of today.

I left school in 1975 with little more than a mind full of dreams and a head full of hair. In those days of Ziggy Stardust, platform shoes, and ridiculously flared trousers I just couldn’t imagine that one day I would be a professional photographer, but photography is a bit like that “crazy little thing called love” – it slowly lures you and then once it has you, it just doesn’t let you go.

I photographed my first wedding in 1987, which was scary because it was raining and I was also shooting on film – which in those days was 60 pictures on five rolls of film. Surprisingly, the couple loved their pictures and from that moment on I knew I was always going to photograph weddings in one way or another. Since then I’ve worked in all aspects of professional photography, even managing and teaching photographers, and after all these years of photographing just about everything I am still a full-time photographer – who is lucky enough to visit the nicest of places and photograph the loveliest of people.


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