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Wedding Albums

Remembering the Wedding Day

When my parents got married 70 years ago they had three black and white pictures taken outside the church by the local photographer. When I got married 30 years ago we had a wedding photographer and we chose an album with 40 photographs.

Okay, what’s so remarkable about that? Well, even though the style of photography is different, I can sit down and look at my parents pictures to see how young they were and see relatives who are long gone. I can also open my own album and enjoy every picture to re-live my day. I can even show my children the same pictures, and then one day they’ll even be able to show their children the same pictures.

So my question is – if I got married today and received my pictures as digital files on a USB, would those files still exist in five or ten years time, let alone thirty five years time? And what if I lost the USB drive? Would the photographer still have the files…?

This is why I believe its vitally important for each couple to have an album, not only for the present, but also for the future. How are your children going to see their parents wedding day, and how are their children going to see their grandparents wedding day? More importantly, how are YOU going to remember your wedding day? What better way to present your wonderful wedding day pictures than a high quality album.

Each album will have its own bespoke design, ensuring that your album is yours, truly yours and like no other.

Elegant Albums

The Bellissimo are heavyweight albums which are available as rectangular or square albums. Each album is covered in the linen, leather or leatherette material of your choice and provided with a heavyweight a presentation box covered in buckram linen.

My page designs are printed onto silver-based photographic paper and then bonded onto thick card pages to make a heavyweight lay-flat album. The pages are then trimmed and bound by hand into the album cover, which retains all the quality of a traditional album, but with the pages displaying the contemporary quality of a modern album.

wedding albums
gatefold album cover
Bellissimo Album & Box

No two album designs are the same. I start with blank pages and design as I go along and at the end of each design, I give you the opportunity to suggest changes to my design. Its only when you are happy with the design that I get the album made.

storybooks and coffee table books
Coffee Table Books

Contemporary Storybooks

These press-printed coffee-table books have my bespoke design printed straight onto the pages using a high quality four-ink printing press. The pages are then bound into the cover to provide a contemporary, slim and cost effective way of presenting, sharing and keeping your wedding pictures.

With over 60 materials to choose from, you can have the book covered in linen or leatherette material – which of course, includes your names printed onto the front of the album.

Cover Materials

Colours to complement your day

All my albums are made here in Scotland and you can choose to have your album covered in linen, leatherette or leather. With over 60 colours to choose from there is more than enough choice to find your favourite colour.

The linens are hard wearing and smooth to touch and the leatherette has a fine grain, looking just like leather. The leather covers are soft, fine-grained and sourced in Scotland.

Bellissimo Album & Box

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