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queen victorias wedding
White Wedding Dresses

White Wedding Dresses

Did you know that Queen Victoria started the trend to wear white wedding dresses...? Prior to the Victorian era, brides married wearing a multitude of colors. Those from wealthy families often wore bold colors in lavish materials including furs, silk and velvet....

Meet Ian

I suppose this is the bit where I say that I like long walks in the rain, eating blueberry muffins and that the world is wonderful place. Well, I dont, I can’t stand ’em and the world is actually less than wonderful, but, in the tradition of being a cute and cuddly wedding photographer, here’s a few things about me…

Besides getting lost in a good book, I like spending as much time as I can with my best friend – who is a black Lab-staffie cross called Sam. I’m also addicted to drinking stong tea, the kind that defeats hobnots with ease.

My other addiction is music. When I’m editing my pictures I have to listen to music. I have to, or I can’t edit without it, and this consists of anything made before 1980, and usually the louder the better. Zeppelin, Ramones, ACDC – you get the idea….