Same Sex Weddings

I am a GLBT friendly photographer and believe that same sex marriage should be celebrated like any other marriage: proudly, openly and warmly.
Elegant Same sex weddings and ceremonies in central Scotland by GLBF friendly Photographer Ian Arthur

Big Weddings

A big day with lots of guests and lots of photography.

Creative and elegant weddings and ceremonies for same sex couples in Glasgow, Loch Lomond and Argyll by GLBF friendly Photographer Ian Arthur

Small Weddings

The cars, the dress and the venue, but  with fewer guests.

Elegant wedding photography for pink weddings in Glasgow by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography

Tiny Weddings

Two people in love, with just a few family or guests.


“Love is love” as they say, and if you’re in love then it deserves to be celebrated, no matter who you want to marry. Whether you are having a pink wedding, a same sex ceremony, or whatever you want to call your day, to me its still a wedding and the coming together of two people who are in love, so let me help you with this journey.

You’ve made a massive decision to get married and you’re planning a wonderful day, but maybe you’re a bit nervous about the photography and maybe a wee bit unsure about having a professional photographer to capture your day. Well don’t be, because it’s a special day, and as a professional photographer its my job to be there for you and take great pictures.

It’s easy to see when two people are in love, especially at a wedding, but once the cars and cakes have all gone, one of the few things left to remember your day are your pictures, which will let you remember your day for many years to come.



One of the great things about Scotland is that same sex marriage has been happening here since 2004. I photographed my first ceremony twelve years ago, and its been a pleasure to photograph each and every one. I offer a service that is genuinely gay and lesbian friendly, and most of all, a professional service where you can relax, be yourself and not have to worry about the photography.

To find out  where my style of photography could fit into your day, visit my wedding photography page.

My bespoke wedding albums are made in Scotland, and are perfect for holding your memories. 

My galleries have lots of pictures from weddings to give you a better idea of my photography.

Wedding Day Stories

A sneak-peek from a recent wedding in Glasgow

This was taken last week at Karen and Mark's wedding in Glasgow. It was in Glasgow and we were blessed with a dray day. We went for a walk-around in the city centre and this is one of their pictures. More to come....   0141 530 1157 Ian Arthur is a Glasgow...

Tips for choosing your photographer

Choosing your photographer. Its not going to be easy. There’s zillions of photographers on Google and Bing, all promising you the best of the best. So how do you decide…? Much of it comes down to two things: cost and skill. The cheaper photographers generally have...


There are many Wedding Photographers in Glasgow to choose from, but if you are looking for one who is experienced and captures weddings in a relaxed and elegant way, then you have come to the right place...!

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