Coronavirus – wedding cancellations

At the moment its looking like 2020 will not be a good year for many, including weddings. Presently many of my weddings for this year have now been postponed so if you are planning to get married this year, I would seriously consider thinking about your date.

Argyll & Bute, as well as many other Registrar’s have now said that they will no be conducting any wedding ceremonies until the end of June 2020, and they will review this again as time goes on.

I have contacted many of my couples for this year and some have already posponed their weddings to 2021. My personal feeling, looking at the news coming in from Italy and the USA, is that this is going to get alot worse before it gets any better and if you are thinking of moving your wedding date, then please do something about it as sooner rather than later in order to secure your date.

Stay safe, everybody…