Let’s all do the Slosh….

The slosh is alive and well. Well at least it is in Glasgow…! Just after the first dance at the Corinthian Club the groom led the way for a slosh, and as soon as it started, there was a sudden rush to be on the dance floor. RIP disco….!

When I was at school I remember us all having the learn the slosh, and it I can remember rightly, the PE teacher always played Moni Moni by Tomi James and the Shondells (funny how I can remember that from all that time ago and not what I was supposed to be doing today). As a young man I wasn’t really impressed as I think I would sooner have been doing a different dance. But, time makes you look at things differently. What a great song and what a great dance…



the slosh is alive and well in glasgow by Ian Arthur wedding photography