Knockderry House Wedding Photographer – Gwyn & David

Gwyn was living in Cornwall and being on her own for a few years, she was invited up to a Hogmanay Ball by her friend, who lives in Kilcreggan near Helensburgh. The ball was at the wonderful Cove Burgh Hall and this is where Gwyn was introduced to David – and they both fell in love…

David loves cooking, and he always loves to be the ‘chef’ on a Saturday night. This particular evening David had cooked the evening meal and afterwards David popped the Proclaimers onto the Hi-fi and with “Let’s get married” playing in the background – David proposed to Gwyn.  And of course, Gwyn said yes…!

They live in Kilcreggan so wanted to get married close to home and it just so happens that nearby is Knockderry House Hotel, which happens to be one of the premier wedding venues in Scotland, so that part of the wedding was an easy decision. Not so easy was covid though, so with a delay of over 12 months, Gwyn finally got to marry her man.

Gwyn bought her dress from Frocks and Frills of Constantine, Cornwall, and with hair by Kristin Thomas, make-up by Aileen Mullen and a summery bouquet by The Brides Bouquet, Gwyn was ready to make her grand entrance down the Knockderry stairs accompanied by her two bridesmaids and two flower girls.

The ceremony at Knockderry House was outside under a sunny blue sky, and certainly one of the warmest days of the year. Waiting for Gwyn was David and his best man – his brother – who wore matching grey jackets and kilts in the Highland Sky tartan which they got from Slaters of Glasgow.

The ceremony was officiated by Maggie Kinloch from the humanist society, and with many a warm word, lots of anecdotes about their coming together, a hand-fasting and then Gwyn and David sharing a quaich of David’s favourite malt whiskey – Gwyn and David became one under the Argyll sky.

After several groups with their families and their friends, it was time for some portraits, both around Knockderry house and also on the nearby beach. At the reception, Gwyn’s two son’s both started the proceedings with a joint speech, and I must admit there were a few moist eyes while they made their duet. And then it was time for David’s speech and then the finale – which was David’s brother – who started with a joke and who continued to keep the smiles alive throughout the rest of his speech.

Much later, and as the evening started to close, Gwyn and David had their first dance outside, and with the mellow tones of Van Morrison singing ”Have I told you lately that I love you” – Gwyn and David danced away the evening in the golden orange glow of the Argyll evening sky…