Knockderry House Wedding Photographer – Cove, Argyll

Knockderry House Wedding Photographer – Cove, Argyll

Natascha & Florian

Their wedding day at Knockderry House in Cove, Argyll…

Natascha and Florian are from Austria. They visit Scotland quite frequently for the walking, the scenery and of course, the whiskey… They love Scotland. When they decided to get married they could have had their wedding in Austria with all that Sound of Music scenery, but they decided to come to the place they love – Scotland – and one of Argyll’s hidden gem’s and a wonderful place to get married – Knockderry House.

Situated in Cove and overlooking the waters where the Clyde Estuary and Loch Long meet the sea, the Knockderry is a Victorian Lodge turned into a wonderfully bespoke and comfortably warm hotel, and the perfect place to get married. Natascha looked wonderful in her white dress, with her dark hair and enchanting eyes, which she brought with her all the way from Austria. Florian looked every bit as handsome in his kilt and black jacket, with a tie that matched the dresses of the three bridesmaids.  The three groomsmen and three bridesmaids led the way for the ceremony, which was held outside the Knockderry, overlooking the sea. The ceremony was completed with a hand-fasting using a white and green ribbon that Natascha had made herself.

After some canapé’s, cake and tea – which is an Austrian tradition, we went outside for groups pictures and after we did them I whisked Natascha and Florian away in my car to take some pictures nearby, on the hills overlooking the Loch, and also in a nearby Cove. After that it was time for the afternoon speeches, plus a great speech led by one of the bridesmaids and two of the groomsmen – complete with props and visual aids.

And that’s where I left them, happy, in love, and with their nearest and dearest around them in the warm and comfortable confines of the Knockderry. A beautiful couple and a beautiful day.