Loch Lomond Waterfront Lodges Wedding Photography – Megan & Alistair

Megan and Alistair went to the same high school. They knew of each other because Alistair was a close friend with Megan’s brother, Greg. Not long after leaving school Megan went on a rock-climbing trip with her brother and Alistair was also on the trip. They got talking, started going out together and before they knew it – they’d fallen in love…

In 2019 they went on holiday together to Budapest and one evening they were having a drink on the terrace of the Fishermans Bastion, with its spectacular views over the river Danube and the city of Budapest. There was nobody elese on the terrace so Alistair siezed this unforgettable monent in time and proposed to Megan – who immediately accepted.

Although they live in Cheshire now, Rebecca’s family are from Scotland – which is where Rebecca wanted to get married. They also wanted a day which was pretty relaxed so they chose the Loch Lomond Waterfront Lodges at Balmaha. Sitting on the shores of Loch Lomond, the waterfront is a perfect place to get married and it ticked all the right boxes for Megan and Alistair.

They were due to get married in 2020 but unfortunately Covid got in the way, so they had to postpone their wedding to 2022, but all good things come to those who wait, and eventually good things did arrive – their wedding day. One of the great things about the Waterfront is that you can get married and then enjoy your canapes outside on the shore of Loch Lomond – which is what they did.

Alistair looked quite dapper in his suit from Cheshire Menswear, with a deep blue suit and a crimson tie. His groomsmen – including his groomswomen Lorraine – all wore matching suits and looked the ‘business’ as they walked down to the Loch for the ceremony.

Megan walked from the lodges to the shore-front with her Dad, Colin – and looked amazing in her Rebecca Ingram Dress, which was a white a-line dress that had a net boddice covered in white lace . Megan bought the dress from Maria Modes in Maclesfield and she finished the ensemble with a long white veil plus an ivory and lilac bouquet, which Megan bought from Emily at Flowers for Keeps in Southport.

With 20 of their closest with them, Megan and Alistair were married overlooking the bonnie banks of Loch Lomond. Officiating was Lynne Steele from the Balfron Register Office and after the ceremony, and with confetti in their hair, Megan and Alastair led the way to the ‘encampment’ under the trees to enjoy some cool drinks and listen the mild and melow music provided by Rusty’s Travelling Piano Bar.

As the afternoon drew to a close everyone went back up to the main lodge for the wedding breakfast. After speeches by both dad’s – Colin and Michael – there was a little bit of ‘zooming’ with two of their dearest who could not travel to the wedding and then a cake cutting. The cake was from Liggy’s cakes in Bearsden, and it seemed such a shame to cut it, let alone eat it as it was a work or art. But cut the cake they did – to a rousing applause.

After dinner I went down to the waterside with Megan and Alistair to take a few more pictures with the setting sun before leaving them to enjoy the rest of their evening as a happily maried couple.