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Some of my Favourite Pictures


These are a selection of my favourite pictures from some of my weddings. I just haven’t enough space to show all of my pictures, but if you want to see more, then just visit my BLOG page.

wedding albums and coffee table books by Ian Arthur


Wedding Albums are a beautiful but personal entity, becoming your own family heirloom. Here are a few wedding album designs.


This is a selection of my favourite portrait pictures. Some were of families, some were individuals and some from pre-wedding portrait sessions.

portrait-photography-by-ian-arthur (1)

Are you planning your Wedding...?

5 Top Wedding Tips for Couples

5 Top Wedding Tips for Couples

1. On the morning of your wedding, you can’t do any more than you've already done. Everything that you have worked on and planned has been done so now its time to relax and just go with the flow. Be a passenger...! Some things may go wrong but as long as YOU are...

5 Top Wedding Tips for Groom’s

5 Top Wedding Tips for Groom’s

1. C’mon Guy’s, it’s all about the bride! From deciding the date to the last dance of the evening, your job is to ensure the bride is happy. That means supporting her decisions, fixing any problems that come up (ideally without her even knowing it's happened), and...

5 Top Wedding Tips for Brides

5 Top Wedding Tips for Brides

1. Dry the bottom of the stems of your flowers off. They can make a lovely wet stain on your dress if still wet. 2. Take the stickers off the bottom of your shoes..! Hairspray will help if they are really sticky. This is the first thing I check for when I enter a room...

Planning your Wedding Confetti

Planning your Wedding Confetti

Guests don’t often think of bringing confetti to weddings these days, so if you’d like to have pictures including confetti – the simple solution may be to provide some. The best confetti for photographs is usually the inexpensive simple kind, and fortunately the...


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