Planning a Sustainable Wedding

A wedding should be one of the happiest days of a couple’s lives where the event brings friends and family together in a celebration of love and drinks flow, food is devoured and, hopefully, everyone goes home having had a great time.

But in all the excitement, it’s easy to overlook the impact a wedding might have on the environment. Did you know that reports suggest that 4,910 tonnes of unrecyclable plastic was used up and left behind at British weddings last year. That’s the equivalent to 47 Blue Whales. Pretty frightening, isnt it…? According to a survey by Sainsbury’s, did you know that:

On average, £488 is wasted on food at a wedding?

15% of people would only eat one or two of their three courses…!

15% of newlyweds would throw away the remains of their wedding cake…!

37% of guests dont eat edible wedding favours.

Sustainability is being spoken about more now than ever and if this is something you want to take into account on your wedding day, then you can. Also, did you realise that some weddings can be more harmful than others? Some of the things that can contribute to having a negative impact are:



Exotic Flowers


If you want to explore a better way to host a sustainable, zero-waste, ethical wedding then click on this link to find out more…