Planning your Wedding Confetti

Guests don’t often think of bringing confetti to weddings these days, so if you’d like to have pictures including confetti – the simple solution may be to provide some. The best confetti for photographs is usually the inexpensive simple kind, and fortunately the cheapest. Many churches or venues also insist on Bio-degradable confetti, which is fine, so please check with the ceremony venue before you decide to buy dozens of packets of confetti.

Now I know thy look divine, but dried Rose Petals can be a bit of a disappointment, especially the sort that are dried to look like pot pourri. This kind of confetti does not fly very well and tends to photograph as pieces black stuff flying past your face, which might not look very nice. Again, the cheap but cheerful confetti wins again.

Some guests do throw rice, but please note that rice tends to sting if it’s thrown into your face or eyes and much of it seems to go down the
front of the brides dress – which will find its way down and can be annoying as the day progresses. Metallic Confetti may also seem like a good idea, but from the photographer’s point of view – it often doesn’t fly or photograph very well. It just lingers in the air.

So my advice, for what it’s worth, is simply to invest in a few boxes of the simplest traditional sort of confetti you can get. You may want to become creative and make nice little paper cones to fill with confetti, or to simply use the packets it comes in. It’s up to you!