Practical Wedding Shoes for the Practical Bride

Shoes. One of the most important parts of the bride’s wedding day. Except the groom and the dress, I suppose… These were a pair of wedding shoes for one of my recent brides. Cute, aren’t they? What do I like about them…? Well, besides being colourful, I like the fact that the bride chose them because they were easy on her feet (as a bride tends to spend most of the day on her feet) and they were probably a more economical choice – and one of comfort and practicality.

What am I saying girls…? Well, sometimes it works out that you know you’re wearing a pair of Jimmy Choo’s, and I know because I’ve probably taken a picture of them, and probably your bridesmaids – but beneath all that wedding dress material, does anyone else know you’re wearing the world most expensive shoes. Yes, they may look good, but are they practical..?