The Big Wedding


This portfolio for those big wedding days with lots of guests and lots of pictures


I always make a point of meeting the couple to talk about the photography beforehand as it means on the day we are all going to be a bit more comfortable with each other.


For the time I am with you I will capture your wedding as it happens and when it happens without a lot of fuss, capturing your day quickly, quietly and professionally.


Because I am a full-time photographer, this means that within a few days of your wedding I am editing your images and have them ready on-time and within ten days.

The photography includes


My photography starts with the preparations of the bride at home or hotel and then continues throughout the rest of your day to include the ceremony, groups, newlyweds portraits, candid photography, cake cutting, speeches and the first dances of the newlyweds at the evening reception.


Each portfolio includes:

* A Pre-wedding Portrait Shoot at Loch Lomond.
* Unlimited photography.
* Over 550 to 750 individually edited pictures.
* Your digital files on a USB drive.
* High and Low-resolution files in colour & mono.
* A HD slideshow on the USB.
* A private online gallery.


Portfolio 1



The photograpy as above…


Includes a personalised presentation box and USB drive with all digital files.



Portfolio 2



The photograpy as above…



Includes a personalised USB drive plus a presentation box with 100 pro-lab colour prints.



Portfolio 3



The photograpy as above…


Includes a personalised presentation box with a 9×6 inch Mini-album and USB.



Portfolio 4



The photograpy as above…


Includes a personalised USB and presentation box with a 10×8 or 8×8 inch Album with 40 page-sides.



Portfolio 5



The photograpy as above…



Includes a personalised USB and presentation box with a 12×8 or 10×10 inch Album with 40 page-sides.



Portfolio 6



The photograpy as above…


Includes a personalised USB and presentation box with a 14×10 or 12×12 inch Album with 40 page-sides.



Prints & Albums


All my prints and albums are made right here in Scotland. Prints are pro-lab prints, which are silver-based and fully colour managed and my album designs are bespoke to you and have photo-printed pages bonded onto card pages. There is also a choice of over 60 linen or leatherette materials for your album covers and presentation boxes.



Signing Book


To complement your pre-wedding portrait shoot I can offer you a 10×10 inch signing book containing twenty pages – with ten pages for guests to sign, and ten pages containing your favourite pictures from the shoot.




Signature Frame


To complement your pre-wedding portrait shoot I can also offer you a 20×16 inch signature frame containing your favourite picture from the shoot with enough space around the picture for all your guests to sign.




2nd Photographer


Having two photographers for your day means we can be in two places at once – capturing more action. My wing-man is Brian, who is also a full-time wedding photographer and uses the same cameras and lenses.




Gift Albums & Books


If you want to include a little something for your parents, then I have a couple of options for you, ranging from a presentation box containing prints or an album, or mini-albums or parents books. The choice is yours.



A duplicate 7x5 inch or 8x8 inch mini-album with photo-printed pages. Each album will have with 40 page-sides and finished in the same cover material as your main album.


£75 for one

£145 for two


Five Mini-books


Five duplicate Mini-books of the main album, these 4x4 or 5x4 inch press-printed books are finished with your choice of leatherette cover your names printed on the front.




Parents Books


A duplicate A4 or 8x8 inch book with press-printed pages. Each album will have with 40 page-sides and finished in the same cover material as your main album.


£65 for one

£125 for two


Ten Mini-books


Five duplicate Mini-books of the main album, these 4x4 or 5x4 inch press-printed books are finished with your choice of leatherette cover your names printed on the front.




What to Expect



Your online gallery will go live three weeks after your wedding. If you have ordered the prints box and USB, your box will be posted the same day your online gallery goes live. If you have ordered an album, the first preview of the design will go live the same day as your pictures, and you will receive your USB and album two weeks after the design is finalised.



It’s really hard to promise a guaranteed number of pictures taken at a wedding because there’s so much that can happen and I never know what to expect. As a guide there will anywhere between 500 to 750 pictures on your USB, but in all honesty, much of the what I capture depends on the day and the opportunities I get.



I take a lot of time and care during the editing process, individually editing each picture for the best results. I believe colour pictures should be colourful and vibrant, so I don’t mess about with fancy effects as I want your pictures to look just as good in two or twenty years as they do today.



Like most people, I like monochrome but where some photographers go ahead and decide which pictures they make into monochrome, I don’t. Besides all your colour pictures, I also provide you with a complete set of monochrome files so that you have the best of both worlds.


Your password protected online gallery is where you, your family and your friends can view your pictures – as well as order prints etc. For the first week the gallery is live there will be a discount on print orders. Although I delete the online gallery after three months, I never delete your files off my storage server, so you can always ask me to put them back online incase anyone wants to order prints.



As soon as the wedding is edited I go right ahead and make the first design of the album which I uploaded to a separate gallery on my website with its own password so only you can see it. This saves time, plus it gives you an idea of how the album ‘flows’. Then you have three opportunities to change, add or take away any pictures.



The USB with all your edited pictures will contain four sets of pictures: a complete set of colour pictures as high and low resolution files, plus a complete set of monochrome pictures as high and low resolution files. No logo’s or watermarks will be added to the picture files.



Once I have edited your pictures I will select about 100 pictures to show the highlights of your day and then make a slideshow which I coordinate to music. I make the slideshow into a HD slideshow and put it onto your USB drive as an MP4 file which you can play on your computer or TV.

A Few Answers…


How do you define your 'Style'...?

Experience has helped me develop a style that captures the formal and informal moments of your day without a lot of fuss. There really isn’t any set formula to what I do because every wedding is different, so my approach is to stand back, observe and to take pictures as the day unfolds.

When it’s time for the groups, I get these done as quickly as possible, keeping the groups to a minimum. For the pictures of the newlyweds, these usually take between 20 to 30 minutes and my relaxed approach to these will ensure these are neither stuffy or cheesy.

I take great pride in what I do, and taking beautiful images that you will treasure is my ultimate goal. My images are timeless and honest, and I photograph each wedding in a way that captures your day and the start of your new journey.

How do I choose the right photographer...?

All I can suggest is that you visit several websites, look at their pictures and see what they’ve got to say. There’s zillions of photographers to choose from, some are cheap, some expensive, some just starting and some are just part timers.

Look closely at their pictures and look for continuity. Some photographers can take great shots of shoes and flowers, but their people shots less so. Some have stunning front-page shots, sometimes using models, but what are the rest of the wedding day shots like?

Make a list of the ones you like then arrange to meet them, and when you meet, ask them lots of important questions – about their experience, if they’re insured and also, their approach. After that, you’re going to have to make an inspired decision. Are they the right photographer for you…?

Things I don't do...
There’s lots of things that I do before, during and after a wedding that are part of my wedding coverage, but there are some things that I do not, and will not do…


  • Destination weddings. Unless its in Scotland.
  • Take hours to shoot the groups, and even longer for the portraits.
  • Take snaps of the guys holding their kilts up.
  • Call myself a ‘fun’ photographer. Weddings are a serious business…!
  • Make your pictures weird colours.
  • Take months to edit your pictures. Three weeks, with me…!
  • Pretend I’ve won zillions of photography awards.
  • Use flash during your ceremony.
  • Demand a meal at tea-time.
  • Turn up at your wedding dressed like I’ve been to the supermarket.
  • Only turn up with one camera and two lenses.
  • Miss your wedding…!
Will you be the photographer at my wedding?

Of course I will be your photographer. Some wedding photographers will take your booking and then have someone else photograph your wedding, usually a part-timer. I would never do that and will always be the photographer at your wedding.

Do you need a shot-list...?

No, I don’t. I photographed my first wedding in 1987 and I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings since then, so I know what pictures to take and where to take them. But… if you have any special pictures you would like, then tell me beforehand or tell me on the day, otherwise just relax and enjoy your day and let me worry about the picture taking.

How do you handle group shots...?

Every wedding needs some group pictures as they are a part of the wedding and its a rare opportunity of families getting together. I usually shoot between 8 to 10 group pictures at a wedding. Sometimes a bit more, sometimes a bit less but I do have to keep them to a minimum due to time. A group picture takes around four to five minutes to get everyone together and pose, so if you want ten group pictures – that’s around 40 to 50 minutes or maybe longer depending if guests are on hand. This is why I keep the groups to a minimum and concentrate on fewer but larger groups.

How many photographers will be at my wedding..?

I will always be at your wedding, but sometimes for big weddings I may use a second-shooter called Brian – who is also a full-time photographer of 16 years wedding experience.

What if we love having our pictures taken..?

If you love having your picture taken then all the better. I love taking pictures, especially if you want to play, so let me know beforehand so we can put some extra time aside for your pictures.

What if we don't like having our pictures taken..?

Maybe we could break the ice with an engagement shoot, as this helps me to build rapport with you. If not, then on the day I will try to make the pictures as easy and as painless as possible with my hands-off approach.

How many pictures do you take...?

How long is a piece of string…? It’s a difficult question so I never promise a set amount of pictures. All weddings are different, so much of it depends on the day and the opportunities I get. On the day I only stop taking pictures when I feel I’ve taken enough.

Some of the pictures you won’t see because during the editing process the ‘doubles’, ‘eyes-closed’ shots or shots that just didn’t work are deleted, and besides, no one needs to see them anyhow.

As a rough guide the final number of edited pictures could be around 500 to 750 pictures or maybe more, but as I said, it just depends on the day.

How do you edit your pictures..?

Some people know a bit about photography and some don’t, but its a fair question. The pictures you take on your small cameras or phones are JPEG’s, which are small compressed files. The problem with JPEG’s is once you edit the picture it looses quality, and looses more quality after each edit.

All the pictures I take are captured as RAW files, which can be edited multiple times without loosing any quality – so that’s what I use. Once I’ve selected the pictures I want to keep (the keepers) I use professional software to edit the pictures, editing each individual picture to get the best results.

And by the way – I don’t use fancy colours of effects when editing pictures as believe me, trends soon go out of fashion. I like clear and concise colours as I want your pictures to look as good in 20 year time as they do today.

What do we get..?

Each couple receive a USB with the edited pictures as high and low resolution files – with one complete set in colour and one complete set in monochrome. I also provide a slideshow movie, which is a selection of the day’s pictures coordinated to music. There is also an online gallery to share with your family and friends, and which stays online for six months after the wedding.

If you want to include a bespoke album or coffee table book, you can add the cost of one to your portfolio before or after the wedding. Its completely up to you.

What of it rains..?

If you live in Scotland, then its something we come to expect. If you are just visiting Scotland for your wedding, then you need to be aware that rain is always a possibility. I’m used to it, so if it does rain then I will always have a plan B for the pictures, whether its somewhere indoors or even outside under an umbrella.

What if you were sick on the day..?

Once I am committed I will be there! There’s no if’s and definitely no but’s, but if something colossal were to happen then I do have some close colleagues who would cover for me. But in all honesty, in the 30+ years I’ve been photographing weddings I have never missed a single wedding. Ever.

Did you really...?

Did you really get this far down the list…? I’m amazed. So, just to cheer you up…

  • Did you hear about the two spiders who just got engaged? I hear they met on the web.
  • Did you hear about the two cell phones who got married? The reception was terrific.
  • Did you hear about the notebook who married a pencil? She finally found Mr. Write.
  • Ladies and gentlemen, it’s been a very emotional day. Even the cake is in tiers.
  • I just saw two nuclear technicians getting married. The bride was radiant and the groom was glowing.
  • It’s been ten years since the invisible man married the invisible woman. Their kids are nothing to look at either.

And finally, a quote…

“To keep your marriage brimming with love in the wedding cup, whenever you’re wrong, admit it; whenever you’re right, shut up.”


Would you like to Find Out More..?

The countdown to your wedding has already started, so don’t leave it too late. If you would like to find out a little bit more and about my availability or even meet or talk on the phone for a no-obligation chat, then get in touch.


Based near Loch Lomond, I live in the coastal town of Helensburgh and I cover Glasgow, Loch Lomond, Argyll and across central Scotland.There lots of Photographers in Glasgow to choose from, but if you are looking for one with experience and who captures weddings in a relaxed and elegant way, then you have come to the right place…!