Remo’s – the best electric ice-cream man in Glasgow & Argyll

Recently it was Shamiso and Irvin’s wedding at the Lodge on the Loch, near Luss, and afterwards I took Shamiso and Irvin a little further up the Loch for some pictures. We had just finished the photo-session and were walking back to the car when we came across an ice-cream van – Remo’s. The ice-cream man was more than happy to have a few pictures taken with the bride and groom and then before I knew it, and just like a magician, Remo had made two ice-creams appear for Shami and Irvin.  They were so thrilled at his gesture, and said later that this was one of the things that had made their day special.

What’s just as interesting is that this ice cream van is totally hybrid-electric and it’s actually the first completely hybrid-electric ice-cream van in the whole of Scotland. And on top of that, it’s superb ice-cream as well.  With a wonderful smile, great idea-cream and some excellent banter, if you ever see Remo (the Italian Whippy Man) out and about in Glasgow, Loch Lomond or anywhere in Argyll, then dont be shy to stop him and buy an Mr Whippy because its well worth the experience.