Stuckgowan House Wedding Photographer – Emma & Chris

Emma and Chris live in Argyll. They met, fell in love, moved in together and then decided to name the day. For their weddding they wanted somewhere that was self-contained so they could bring their closest family and friends with them. They chose Stuckgowan House, which besides being uniquely situated – overlooking Loch Lomond – the house is comfortable, homely and palacial.

Their families and friends arrived the evening before, and on the day of the wedding there was a high level of excitement. Emma wore an ivory dress which was overlayed with lace, using suflowers for their floral arrangements to add that extra bit of colour to their sunny wedding. Chris looked immaculate in his grey suit, and with his best man wearing the same suit, they looked the business.

The ceremony was officiated with a Humanist celebrant, and to the Beatle’s song ‘Here comes the sun’ playing they walked out of the wedding room into the Scottish sunshine. After canapes and some group pictures I drove Emma and Chris down to the waterside of Loch Lomond for more pictures, and then finished off with more pictures at the house. By the time we got back the guests had laid out the dining room for a colourful and joyour wedding breakfast – which is where I left the happy couple. Happy, in love and looking forwards to the rest of their lives together.