Top Wedding Tips – the Receiving Line

If we were to go back in time, the receiving line used to be in integral part of the wedding reception, but usually there were fewer guests at a weddings than we have today. One of the things I have noticed over the years is that having a receiving line can really eat into your day. Many guests want to catch up, which takes time, and then some guests start having their own conversations after they’ve met you which blocks up the receiving line further down. I’ve seen it so many times. Also, if your receiving line starts to go over time, it could well be causing pandemonium in the kitchen.

Unless you really want one, think seriously about it because 100 guests at 30 seconds each is nearly an hour out of your wedding day. I know, its a way of being formal and getting the chance to thank everyone for being there but when you think about it, there is a better and easier option.

During the courses of the wedding breakfast there are always natural breaks, so why not go around the tables between the courses..? Besides avoiding having to be ‘brusque’ with your guests , or having to clock-watch, or having the wedding coordinator tap their watch every few minutes or even causing a major jam in the foyer of the venue, this will give you a much better opportunity for talking to most of your guests at leisure and with no pressure.