Bespoke to You…!

My albums and storybooks are hand-made in Scotland using high quality materials and superb quality printing. Each album will have its own bespoke design, ensuring that your album is yours, truly yours and like no other.


These lay-flat albums bridge the gap between the contemporary and the traditional. My bespoke design is printed onto Fuji Krystal archive photographic paper for the highest quality reproduction, and the printed pages are then bonded onto a single-core card pages, which are bound into the album cover with your choice of over 90 cover materials. With their high quality photo-printed pages, thick pages and traditional album cover, these albums look and feel like a traditional album, but their content is much more bespoke and contemporary.


These Coffee Table Books are a slimmer and more economical way of presenting your pictures. My bespoke design is printed onto acid free paper using a high quality printing press and then bound into the heavyweight book cover.

To finalise the design, the front cover will include a picture cover which is covered with a gloss or matt membrane to protect the book.


I am a great believer in wedding albums. Since I’ve been photographing weddings I’ve always offered albums to clients, and I always will because I think they are the best way to hold your wedding day memories. Digital files or media can get lost, but weddings albums will always remain with you.


These are the pages from some of my recent album designs. Click on a picture to see the design…

Design Gallery One
Design Gallery Two
Design Gallery Three


Whether you choose to include an album before or after your wedding is up to you, but when you do want an album, then I will just point you to a separate part of my website where you can see all the options and choose whatever you need. I offer two styles of album and Storybook.