Aileen and Bob live on Arran and they’ve been together for quite a few years. Fifteen I think – anyway, they decided to make things permanant and get married. And why not…! They searched high and low for a venue and although they would have liked to get married on Arran, they thought it best to get married near Glasgow as most of their family and friends are on this side of the water so they chose the Cruin on Loch Lomond for their wedding day. 

Besides being a lovely venue, it also has the best views – looking across Loch Lomond and the beautiful countryside beyond. Aileen and Bob got ready in the luxury lodges and Aileen looked so divine in her white silk dress. I couldnt resist taking a few pictures of her shoes, which had a “Something Old Something New” quote engraved into the soles. When the time was right, they were led to the Cruin by a piper who wore a full regalia and led the way playing a highland seranade. The afternoon was a large affair with over 100 guests to send them on their way, and with the accompanyment of a string quartet, the ceremony was undertaken by one of their friends, who just happens to be a Minister. Afterwards everyone enjoyed the hospitality of the Cruin and the fine views across the Loch.

After the wedding meal, the speeches and the cake cutting, Bob then sang a song to Aileen and then litterally danced her off her feet, as they had rehearsed a small dance routine to make their first dance a truly memorable one for them and all their guests. And then, the ceilidh started… A lovely couple, a lovely day and some lovely pictures.