Duck Bay Marina Wedding Photographer at Loch Lomond

Gillian & John

Their wedding day at the Duck Bay Marina, Loch Lomond

Gillian is from Scotland and John is from South Wales, and they met completely by chance. Right from the start they hit it off, so it was only natural that one day the would walk down the aisle. They were married at the Duck Bay Marina, which is located at Loch Lomond in the county of Argyll. Gillian arrived on a luxury boat, and with her bridesmaids in red silk, they arrived in style.

After the ceremony, the family were treated to trips around the loch on the boat while everyone else took in the sights of the Loch and Ben Lomond. Tracing John’s roots as a Rugby player (and what welshmen don’t play Rugby?) the wedding cake was really unusual: a rugby field with rugby posts and Gillian tackling John towards the goal. And to finalise the day, the music for the first dance and the Ceilidh was played by their friends, who just happened to be professional musicians. Definitely a ‘try’…