Kyle and Joseph’s Hafton Castle Wedding near Dunoon

Kyle and Joseph have been together for six years, or thereabouts. Kyle is American and Jo is British and they met and fell in love while they were working in Korea. It lasted while they worked in the Netherlands still continued when they went to work in China – so they decided to take the next step, and the only logical step, by getting married.

So, where do two people who are in love decide to get married, especially as both come from different countries and have lived in several parts of the world? Well, Scotland of course, and Argyll…! Besides being open to same sex marriage, Scotland also offers some great places to get married, with spectacular scenery and lots of charm. The stuff that memories are made from.

They decided on Hafton Castle in Dunoon. Well, its just outside Dunoon, and its a really grand place to get married. With family and friends from all parts of the world they decided to rent the castle for the whole week so all their family and friends could be under one roof and make the most of their time with Kyle and Joseph.

They both looked smart in the matching grey suits and the marching waistcoats they had made especially for the day, made in  McGregor Hunting Modern tartan. They looked so good together. The bridesmaid also wore the same tartan, all in different ways and the four ladies looked so elegant in their black and tartan attire.

The weather was kind to us so it was decided to get married outside. Joe walked into the ceremony with his Mum and Dad, and Kyle walked in with his sister and a close friend who had flown all the way from the USA especially. It was a sweet and emotional ceremony, as most same sex weddings are, and Kyle and Joseph then became whole.

Afterwards, we shot some groups at the entrance to the castle and then I led Kyle and Joseph into the gardens for the portraits, which are perfect for wedding photography. After the speeches and the meal, it was time for the evening and how best to kick off a Scottish wedding – than with a Gay Gordon’s – and Kyle and Joseph led the way before all their family and friends had a riot on the dancefloor with their own versions of a ceilidh. It was a really beautiful day. Full of hope, smiles and of course – love. They’ve met their perfect match and I wish you both long and happy lives together.