A Loch Lomond Wedding with Alison and Jonathan

Alison and Jonathan were married at Cameron House, on the banks of a shimmering Loch Lomond and on a beautiful Scottish summer’s day.

Alison and Jonathan are from Helensburgh and are not the kind of people who wanted a big show or a big fuss made of their day so they decided on a small wedding at a venue they know and love. Cameron House. Alison is a Scientist and Jonathan is an Air Traffic Controller. Although they live in the south of England now, they traveled back to their homes for their uniquely Scottish wedding. Alison arrived at Cameron House with her father, and looked stunning in her cream lace dress. She looked so elegant and it was just perfect for Alison. Jonathan decided on a blue suit and looked pretty neat for his bride to be, and the look of delight on his face as Alison walked into the wedding room was a picture in itself. 

They were married by the local legend who is the Revd Iain Miller, who sends all his clients away to a new life with many words of wisdom and merry laugh. Afterwards, it was time for some pictures with the families and then some pictures with Alison and Jonathan. It would be hard not to take pictures of them besides the shore of Loch Lomond, so we did, and we got some great pictures.

It was the perfect day for Alison and Jonathan. They’ve been together for many years now, since they met at secondary school. I suppose when you meet that right person, its very hard to let go, and let go they haven’t. I wish them well in their new careers and most of all, I wish them love, light and peace for many years to come.