Corinthian Club Glasgow Wedding Photographer – Jennifer & Dominic

Jennifer and Dominic decided to get married, and although they love enjoying life, they wanted to keep their wedding intimate with just a few of their closest around them. They decided on the Corinthian Club for their wedding, which besides its splendour and warmth, is right in the centre of Glasgow – a city in which they love.

Dominic and his best man wore dark Argyll jackets and kilts for the wedding and looked super handsome in their outfits. Jennifer wore an antique mermaid type wedding dress, which was ivory and covered in lace with lace shoulders. She wore a floral arrangement on her head, and with long deep red hair, she looked stunning. She walked down the aisle with her father, also wearing a dark Argyll, and was married by a humanist celebrant.

After the ceremony it was raining, so I shot the groups on the stairs as well as some portrait pictures of the couple. I also took the couple into the champagne bar for some more pictures and then outside onto Ingram Street for a few more pictures – finishing off with one on the pedestrian crossing outside the Corinthian Club. Sorry to all the taxi and bus drivers, but it was a wedding….!

Afterwards it was their wedding breakfast in one of the upper rooms at the Corinthian. A fitting end to a wonderfully warm and happy wedding with a lovely couple.