Craig & Edmund’s Glasgow Register Office Wedding

Craig and Edmund are from Ontario, Canada. They have been together for quite a long while now and they wanted to become a proper couple and get married, and where else better to do this – than Scotland, and Glasgow in particular.

They contacted me several months before via my website. I think they were a little nervous about booking a photographer, but, its an important occasion in their lives and I’m really glad they contacted me. I met them a few days before their ceremony for a coffee and a quick chat, just to say hello and also to put their minds at ease.

On the day itself, they both looked splendid in their outfits. Blue is their favorite colour so that was the underlying theme. As it was just the two of them, one of the porters at the Glasgow register Office was happy to be one of the witnesses and I was the second witness. I’ve done this several times, and it something that I take great pride in doing – as besides the pictures I am taking it also lets me give something else to them. If you look at the fourth picture I am stood on the right of the group. I gave one of my camera’s to the registrar to take a picture, and besides marrying people, she also takes a great picture…!

After the short but sweet ceremony I took the lads into George Square for some pictures then kidnapped them in my car and took them to the Glasgow University then to Pacific Quay alongside the River Clyde for some more pictures. They didn’t expect this, but they had come a long way for their wedding so what better way to make their day even more special – than take them to a few places in Glasgow for some pictures.

I love taking pictures at same sex weddings and ceremonies for two reasons. They’re always a relaxed day and a joy to photograph. Also, and I suppose the main reason is that having a same sex wedding is a massive decision for two people to make, and I am more than happy to help them on their way to a happy life together.