Sherbrooke Castle Wedding Photographer – Mhairi & Joe

Mhairi and Joe like clubbing, and it was in one of Glasgow’s night clubs that they met. Besides being two handsome people, they also shared the many things – besides clubbing – which included their love of Glasgow, travelling and of course dogs, as Joe’s best friend is a German Shepherd called Max. They fell in love and decided to name the date.

They wanted to keep the day simple, so they decided on an intimate wedding day at Sherbrooke Castle in the southside of Glasgow, accompanied by their closest family and friends. Joe arrived looking every bit as handsome with a dusky pink highland jacket and waistcoat, which he’d had especially made for the day, and a grey tartan kilt with a pink highlighter running through it. Max was also wearing an especially made coat with a small kilt attached, which matched Joe’s jacket and kilt. Joe’s brother was also wearing an identical Argyll jacket and kilt.

Mhairi arrived, looking stunning in a clinging white wedding dress with an open lace back and shoulders. She looked amazing and Joe was visibly shaken and stunned when she walked down the aisle. The ceremony was conducted by a family friend, who just happened to be a registrar, and that was it – they were married – surrounded by their closest, including Max.

After pictures outside they all retired to the large glass annexe at the side of Sherbrooke for their wedding breakfast. Speeches were made by Mhari’s Mum and sister, and during Joe’s speech Max also made an appearance. As I left the wedding, it was dark outside, but the lights were shining brightly inside Sherbrooke Castle, and especially so with Mhairi and Joe’s looks and their smiles during the day.