Why I like this picture of Ralph and Jordan in Glasgow


Walking the Walk…

This is another of my favourite wedding pictures. A picture of two guys in Glasgow on their wedding day, and its a picture that I really like, and that I enjoyed taking.

Some weddings can be a bit difficult. Time constraints, the weather or just circumstances that conspire against good picture taking – but sometimes the day couldn’t go any better. I met these guys earlier in the year and I liked them right from the start. Plus, they were getting married at the Corinthian Club in Glasgow, which is a venue I adore working at.

The day was great, but unfortunately it was another one of those days where we had some intermittent rain. When it was time to shot the portraits of the guys it was raining so we did some portraits inside, then after a little wait I got lucky as there was a small break in the weather.  I got the guys outside and onto the streets of Glasgow for some pictures. I think they thought I was mad but it was worth it.

We were near the Gallery of Modern Art and I had just finished doing the close-ups and 3/4 shots when I thought it would be a good idea to do a walking-towards-me picture. There was quite a lot of people around and it would have been a big ask to get them to move so in the end I just had the guys to walk towards me and I started clicking away. Strangely enough, as the guys started walking towards me everyone started clapping – which made the picture just perfect – plus it made the guys day, too.

The people of Glasgow are so god at doing things like this, celebrating other people’s happiness. But most of all, I really do like the picture because of its spontaneity and the expressions of all the onlookers – and the guys themselves.