Rosslea Hotel Wedding Photographer at Rhu, Helensburgh

Tracey and Tony had a completely colourful wedding day at the Rosslea Hotel in Helensburgh. They both lead busy lives, but not busy enough to find the time to meet, fall madly in love and then plan a massive wedding in Scotland. Tony is from Scotland originally, and although they live sown south, they venture back to Scotland quite frequently because Tracey loves coming to Scotland for the scenery, the walking and the fresh air. So where better to plan their wedding that in the place they love. They looked at lots of venues and settled on the Rosslea House Hotel because of its ambiance, proximity to wonderful views over Gareloch and of course, it has lots of guest rooms for all their family and friends they were bringing with them for their wedding day. Also, the staff at the Rosslea make everyone feel at home.

They had rented a cottage near Garelochead, and this is where Tracey and her bridesmaids made their preparations. With the help of some champagne, there was quite a few giggles during the preparations. Tracey’s dress was stunning. White and with lots of lace, and when Tracey put the dress on she looked beautiful. The sunshine was perfect so we got lots of shots outside the cottage before I headed off to the Rosslea to photograph Tony and his Groomsmen.

Tracey arrived with her Dad in a beaufort car with the local piper leading the way, and with some pleasant weather, a purple colour theme and lots of family and friends the wedding commenced. With three bridesmaids and three groomsmen it was a big ceremony, which was officiated by a humanist celebrant. I was going to give her a mention as she gave me her card, but I always loose them. She really did make Tracey and Tony’s day with a beautiful ceremony though, which was finished off with a hand-fasting.

After the ceremony, canapé’s and groups I took Tracey and Tony down to the Rhu narrows to take some pictures on the beach, and then back inside for the wedding breakfast. Tracey and Tony were piped in before cutting the cake, which then led to the speeches. Besides speeches by Dad, Tony and the Groomsmen, there was also a speech by Tracey. Just after that, we were treated to some impromptu ballading by two singing waiters – and after a few arias and some Puccini everyone settled into their wedding breakfast.

Tracey and Tony led the way for the evening dances, and then once it had got dark we all came outside into the warm evening’s air for a firework display – which went off with a royal bang and lit up the sky. A lovely day, and truly a day to remember for Tracey and Tony.