Glasgow & Kincaid House Wedding Photographer

Amy and Andrew met purely by chance. They met, started going out together then fell madly in love. And why not…! Andrew is quite the handsome chap and Amy… well, she’s lovely.

They wanted to get married at St Philomela’s Church, which is a special place for Amy. Their next problem was the wedding venue and after lots of searching and many a weekend visiting wedding venues they visited Kincaid House near the Milton of Campsie. Just knew within minutes of walking in there they knew that this was the place for them.

I started taking pictures outside the church where a lone piper was serenading all the guests as they arrived. Andrew, his best man and his groomsmen were all wearing blue suits and looked splendid. Even the two young lads who had the task of carrying the rings were wearing matching suits. They looked great.

Amy, her Father and her bridesmaids all arrived in two white Glasgow Taxi’s – and what a great way to arrive. They’re comfortable, lots of room inside and you get a non-stop commentary from the taxi driver. Its what taxi drivers do…. Amy looked stunning in her white dress. Simply stunning.  A prefect choice for the perfect bride and with her dark ebony eyes and dark hair, she looked picture perfect. And quite beautiful, too…

Like many churches, they sometimes look plain or sometimes austere from the outside – but once you walk inside you have to stop and pinch yourself. St Philomela’s is like that. A bit plain looking fro the outside but once inside it was lovely. Big, bright and very welcoming.

Amy walked down the aisle to meet her husband to be and they had their service, with the rings being brought down the aisle by the two besuited nephews. During the ceremony there was a min-string orchestra, which sounded just perfect in the large church. After the ceremony we got some pictures outside in this brilliantly sunny day and all headed to the Milton of Campsie and the Kincaid House.

Kincaid House is quite an amazing venue. There’s lots of space, a large ‘greenhouse’ for guests to socialise and of course, lots of space inside and outside for all things that happen at a wedding – like the group pictures, the portrait pictures, the socialising and of course, the meal and the dancing. When everyone arrived they were piped into the house by two pipers, and after a few drinks, some socialising and then some pictures, they all sat down for the meal and were all greeted with the decorations, which had been made my Amy and all her friends. They looked just perfect.

The day finalised with the speeches and afterwards the evening started with their cake cutting, the first dance and then a raucous evening for all the family and friends, as Amy and Andrew had booked a band for their evening. As I was leaving all I could see was a mass of humanity all laughing, dancing and swirling on the dance floor. A great way to finish a lovely day for a very lovely couple.