A sunny Stuckgowan House Wedding in Argyll – Donna & Stuart

Donna and Stewart have been together for quite a few years and they live near Dumbarton. With the arrival of their daughter they thought that it was about time they dotted an i and crossed the final tee – and got married. They wanted to keep their wedding small, cute, intimate, and most of all, something that involved their parents and their closest friends. They looked around and found Stuckgown House, which is located on banks of Loch Lomond near Tarbert.

Its perfect for day’s like these. Not too large a wedding, and somewhere that all the guests can stay over. A perfect venue in a perfect location. After they found Stuckgowan they organised the Humanist celebrant, then the gusts and then everything else.

The day was beautiful. A perfect day with perfect weather. With about 40 guests, Stewart made his entrance with his best man both dressed in tuxedo’s. Then after arranging their own choice of music, Donna arrived, looking beautiful in her ivory dress.  During the ceremony Donna and Stewart did ‘hand-fasting’ which is an old Celtic tradition, and then Stewart nearly swept Donna off her feet with the first kiss. It was one of those moments of pure love….

Afterwards there was canapes outside the house under the shade and at one point, one of the guests thought it would be a good idea to make use of the Jacuzzi. And why not…?  After the groups I took Donna and Stewartin my car down to the loch-side for some pictures next to Loch Lomond.  We went to a nice secluded area with some trees and at this time of the year, not too many people camping or BBQ’ing. It was great. Donna didn’t really want a fuss made, so we got just the right amount of pictures before I whisked them back to Stuckgowan and back to their wedding breakfast – which was greeted with lots of cheering when they arrived.

It wasn’t a large wedding, and it wasn’t a small wedding – it was a perfect wedding. Two people, madly in love and with all their closest around them in a beautiful setting. Perfect…!