Loch Lomond Waterfront Wedding Photographer in Argyll

Laura and Liam wanted to get married somewhere special. Close to their hearts and close to their love, and they chose Loch Lomond which is where Liam proposed to Laura. It was only a small and intimate wedding, but it was a big day for their families and and even bigger day for Laura and Liam, who are so much in love.

The Loch Lomond Waterfront is unique as besides the west facing views over the loch and the east facing views towards the Stirlingshire hills, there are lots of beautiful lodges that the guests can use. Elegant and spacious, and with their own Jacuzzi’s, its a great place to host any wedding. After a very relaxed summer morning, Laura and Liam were married next to the waterside of Loch Lomond by a humanist celebrant, surrounded by the greenery of the countryside, and the blues of the sky and the loch.

After canape’s next to the loch, we shot the groups and then portraits of Laura and Liam, which for me was pretty easy to do considering the location and how beautiful Laura looked in her white dress with her beautiful dark eyes and hair. After retreating from the heat, Laura and Liam cut their wedding cake and then sat down for the afternoon reception – surrounded by love, happy families and the beauty of Loch Lomond. A wonderful day.