The Cruin & Loch Lomond Wedding Photographer

Rebecca and Daniel Get Married on the Loch…

Okay, we’ve all been there. We get up, open the curtains and look outside – and its raining. Not just normal rain, but serious rain. The kind where ducks have to wear raincoats, so for today’s wedding it looked like it was going to be one of ‘those’ days. Rebecca and Daniel have travelled up from Glamorgan in South Wales for their wedding at the Cruin – on the banks of Loch Lomond. Its a place that’s special to them because this is where Daniel proposed to Rebecca.

Rebecca is from Wales and Daniel Scottish. A local lad who ended up working in Wales, and they met at work. According to statistics, did you know that about 14% of couples that meet at work go on to marry…? Anyway, they decided on a Scottish wedding and where else to get married than the wonderful Loch Lomond, which is also where Daniel proposed to Rebecca. Did I mention that…?

After leaving home and arriving at the Cruin Lodges for Rebecca’s preparation pictures, the rain was starting to ease off, which was a good omen. Rebecca had her hair and make up done, and all the girls had matching pyjamas. Its always a festive atmosphere during the preparations, and this was no different as there was lots of chatter, champagne and of course giggling. Rebecca looked stunning once she got her dress on. A lovely A-line dress in cream and finished in lace, which had survived the journey from Wales.

But the time the arrivals had started the rain was almost gone. Things were looking good. Daniel looked every bit as dapper in his kilt, and his groomsmen all wore matching kilts. And when Rebecca arrived, everyone was ready and waiting for her entrance, including the Reverend Millar, who’s very much a man in demand in this part of the world. The ceremony was just perfect. Lots of banter from the Rev’s Millar, plus some hearty singing by the Welsh contingent. It was just like being in the Rhonda…

By the time the ceremony finished – the rain had stopped – so making the most of this opportunity it was time for the groups and the portraits, and as I got the last shot of Rebecca stood next to the Loch, it started to rain again. How’s that for luck..?  They do say that coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous, but I prefer to think on it as just being lucky.

After the canapés, the speeches and the meal it was that time ‘in-between’ where guests chat, have a drink and catch up on life or the day’s events. As it happens, Daniel is a bagpipe player and so was one of the musicians for the evening dance, so what do bagpipe players do when they get together…? They play their bagpipes – and what a performance they put on for everyone. It was definitely duelling bagpipes, and it was fantastic. There was even a few reel’s going on as well – including the bride.

There was still the evening to start, so after the duelling bagpipes played themselves out Rebecca and Daniel cut their wedding cake and had their first dance. After that, a group of musician friends took to the stage, primed their instruments and the Celtic nations truly came together for an evening of dancing.  When I left there was quite a lot of happiness going on, a lot of dancing and a lot of  fun, which when you think about it, isn’t that what a good wedding should be about..? Having fun…? A superb day with a lovely couple, a great location and some very fortunate weather.