A Christmas Wedding in Prestwich, Manchester

Colette and Matt have known each other for…well, for years…! They met through playing hockey as both are avid hockey players in North Manchester. They went out for a few drinks, then started dating and then guess what…? They fell in love. Colette and Matt are both North Manchester born and bred so it was only natural that they were married in North Manchester, and they chose St Mary’s in Prestwich, the scene of many a wedding on Coronation Street. Not that was their deciding factor as St Mary’s is their local church and a place of worship for them with many family memories.

They had been planning their wedding for about 18 months and being Christmassy kind of people, they opted for a Christmas wedding and were married on the 23rd of December. As a photographer I wasn’t sure of what to expect, rain or snow, but the day itself was perfect. Not too cold and best of all – dry. One of those crisp mornings in December.

Matt and his ‘team’ arrived at the church looking uber cool in their blue suits. Matt had two best men, who are his best friends plus Colette’s three brothers were the Groomsmen. The four bridesmaids looked lovely in their midnight blue dresses, especially Casey, who is Colette’s cousin and travelled all the way from the USA for this. Colette and her father, Andrew, arrived at the church in an open top wedding car and were escorted into the Church by the Minister, with Colette looking every bit a princess in her blue velvet shoes and her stunning dress, inlaid with lace. After the ceremony I organised a ‘confetti tunnel’ for the newlyweds and before leaving the church we did some picture taking for the portraits. 

The reception was at the Fairways Lodge, which was bursting at the seams as there were about 120 guests for the wedding, with a mix of family and lots of friends, with some family members coming all the way from the USA. The lodge was very ‘christmassy’ with lots of decorations and family lights, including a cake that also had a ‘christmassy’ look. After the wedding breakfast and speeches the evening started with a visit by father Christmas and his helper to give presents to the children as being a family occasion, there was lots of children at the wedding. After father Christmas departed, the evening started with a slow dance by Colette and Matt – helped by her brothers who set off four streamer mortars with a bit bang of paper streamers.

It was a pleasure to be their photographer for their day because it was a wonderful day. Full of family, their closest friends, lots of smiles and best of all, it certainly felt like Christmas.