Based in the coastal town of Helensburgh I photograph weddings both large and small in Glasgow, Argyll, Ayrshire, the Highlands and of course – Loch Lomond. I photograph the day as it happens, providing natural and elegant wedding photography across central Scotland.


Two of my strongest business values are that the best way of dealing with people is through honesty and integrity, and that wedding pictures should be clear and colourful.


My style is about is about capturing the day as it happen in a relaxed and natural way. Some photographers use complicated words for it, but I just call it wedding photography.


My only aims are to capture the day in the best way that I can - through my photography and to make all my couples as happy as they can be with their pictures.

Creative, elegant and candid moments caught on camera by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography

Soon it’s going to be your wedding day and it’s going to be one of the most exciting and romantic days of your life. It’s also the start of a new journey for two people who are madly in love and however big or intimate your day is going to be, I would be thrilled to play a small part in your journey in the best way I can – through my wedding photography.

Who do you Choose..?

Once the day is over and the cars, cakes and choirs have gone, one of the few things you will have left will be your wedding pictures. Your wedding is unrepeatable, which is why its important to choose the right photographer for your day. So who do you choose? Do you choose a friend, a local part-timer or someone who’s just starting out to photograph your wedding – together with the disappointment or worry that this could bring – or do you choose a full time professional with a lifetime of experience..? It’s a big decision, and one that only you can make, but when it comes to wedding photography, I have a lifetime of experience photographing weddings and I bring this experience with me to each and every wedding – however big or small.

My Approach

My approach to wedding photography is that the day is all about YOU, so my approach is to not let the photography get in the way of the day. I do this is by standing back and capturing the day as it unfolds, working quickly and quietly as possible to let YOU to get on with enjoying the day, and me to capture those natural wedding day moments. The only time I get involved directly is for the groups and the portraits, with the groups taken in a more traditional style and the couples portraits taken in a more natural and elegant way. For the rest of the day I just photograph things as they happen – which I think is the best way to capture any kind of wedding. 

Professional & Experienced

Lots of photographers use long and complicated words to describe what they do and how they do it. I’m not big of labels so I just call what I do ‘wedding photography’ because I photograph wedding in my own way to produce timeless and natural images. I do this by keeping my photography relaxed and as simple as I can, without a lot of fuss and lots of smiles. And when it comes to editing your pictures, I edit the pictures to look bright, natural and colourful – because I want your pictures to look just as good in 20 years time as they will do today.

I’ve photographed enough weddings to appreciate that each day is different and my experience gives me the ability to think on my feet, especially when things don’t go entirely to plan. Whether it’s the weather, the cars, the venue or one of the many other things that could get in the way of the day, I’m always ready for next picture. And, being the nice guy that I am, I’ve also helped groom’s with their ties, brides with their veil’s, and even got a wee bit misty eyed with a few of the Mum’s during some of the speeches – because that’s what wedding photographers do…

Elaine & Gavin

So happy we found Ian and chose him to take our wedding photographs. A very small intimate, relaxed and casual day made perfect with the addition of beautiful photographs. Can’t describe how thrilled we are with them.

Sloans, Glasgow

Monika & Laszlo

We would recommend Ian to anyone looking for a professional, talented and easy-to-work with photographer. He was on time, smartly dressed and made us all feel at ease. Our pictures are to die for and we received many compliments from our friends and family. Everything we received is high-quality and was sent to us within 2 weeks from the wedding day, just as promised. Choosing a photographer was not an easy task, but we couldn’t have chosen any better. Thank you Ian for everlasting memories.

Glasgow City Hall & Loch Lomond

Elidh & Kyle

Ian was absolutely fantastic! He was so charming and personable, and the guests loved him as well! We are so incredibly happy with his photographs and so excited that he was willing to take us on. Fantastic..!

The Waterside, Androssan

 Wedding Photography Pricing

After many years photographing weddings I’ve realised that there are three types of weddings: intimate weddings with just a handfull of guests, small weddings with maybe a few dozen guests and then big weddings with lots of guests. As the weddings get bigger it means there is more time spent photographing your day, more pictures and lots more editing – so the price gets bigger – and this is why I have three starting points for my wedding photography.

These prices are just starting points and if you want to know more about my availability or my prices, then visit my contact page and send me a message, and if I’m available and send you my price-list for your kind of day. Each portfolio include the photography, all your individually edited pictures as high and low resolution files in colour and monochrome, a HD slideshow plus an online gallery for sharing and purchasing prints.

The Intimate Wedding


For those intimate ceremonies with a handful of guests


Includes photography, editing, online gallery and digital files in colour & mono on a personalised USB drive.




The Small Wedding


For those smaller weddings with all the trimmings…


Includes photography, editing, online gallery and digital files in colour & mono on a personalised USB drive.





The Big Wedding


For thos big weddings with lots of guests and lots going on.


Includes photography, editing, online gallery and digital files in colour & mono on a personalised USB drive.







I don’t use long words to describe what I do. I just photograph things as and when they happen in my own way. The only time I get involved with the day is for the several family groups and then the couple’s portraits – and for the portraits I always photograph in a style which is simple, elegant and without a lot of posing or fuss.


Did you know that it takes 26 muscles to smile and 62 to frown…? Its up to you whether you want to smile, but seeing that it takes less effort to smile, then why not – after all – its your wedding day…!


I concentrate mainly around the central belt of Scotland, including Loch Lomond, Glasgow and Argyll area, but I also photoraph weddings in Ayrshire and in the Highlands. I’m more than happy to go further, but this will cost extra…


I’ve been a full time photographer for over 30 years and during that time I’ve worked in all kinds of photography, even managing and teaching photographers. I am still a full-time self-employed photographer and whereas most wedding occur at weekends, I still have to fill my days so I also shoot commercial photography. This keeps my busy, as well as helping to keep a roof over my head and keeping the tax-man happy.


Definitely. I never leave home without it.


Yes. My albums are made right here in Scotland and are of the highest quality. As well as superior materials, I also design each and every album around your day so that  no two albums are the same.


No, because I always offer alternatives. You can choose a straight USB package or you can can choose to include, prints, a storybook or an album with your portfolio, or if you want to include something weeks, months or years after your wedding, then I have a special shopping cart on my website where you can buy prints, storybooks or albums.


If you like what you see then send me a message using my contact form, and if I’m available I’ll send you my prices for the kind of day you are having. If you do send an email, dont forget to tell me when, where and how many will be at the ceremony.

If you are still interested, then we can arrange to meet for a coffee where you can tell me about your day and I can tell you more about what I do. It’s also a way of getting to know each other a little better, because after all, if I end up being your photographer, I will be a guest at your wedding…!  There’s no obligation to book and after we’ve met I’ll leave it up to you to let me know if you want to take the next step.


After we’ve met, if you decide that you would like me to be your photographer just phone or email to give me the good news. I’ll email you a link to my booking form where we can start the booking process. Its all pretty easy and doesnt take too long as I like to make things as easy as posible – both for you and me.

My booking form will ask you for some information about your day and let you choose your photography package you would like. Then it will ask you to pay a deposit towards your wedding, with the final balance not having to be paid until a month before your day. Once the booking form is complete – you’re booked…!


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The countdown to your wedding has already started, so don’t leave it too late. If you would like to find out a little bit more and about my availability or even meet or talk on the phone for a no-obligation chat, then get in touch.