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Natural & RelaxeD Photography
Big weddings by Ian Arthur Photography


For those big days with lots of guests and lots of photography

Smaller Weddings by Ian Arthur Wedding Photography


The cars, the dress and the wedding venue, but  with fewer guests.

Intimate and elopement weddings in Glasgow, Argyll and across Scotland by Ian Arthur Photography


For two people in love, with just a few family and guests.

Choosing Your Photographer is a Big Decision


Okay, you’ve decided the wedding date, chosen your wedding venue and looked at zillions of photographers, so your next decision is about who to choose as your photographer. Do you choose a friend, a part-timer or someone who’s just starting out, together with the disappointment this could bring, or do you choose a full time professional with a lifetime of experience..? As much as I’d like to say otherwise, only you can make that decision. 

Everyone seems to be a photographer in some kind of way these days, but there’s much more to being a wedding photographer than having an impressive camera and a bag full of shiny lenses. As well as understanding how to use the cameras, its about knowing when to use the cameras, and that’s something which comes from experience.

Experience is the biggest asset that any photographer can have, and I bring this experience with me to each and every wedding so besides knowing where to be on any kind of day, when things don’t go entirely to plan – like the venue, the weather or just ‘things’ – then I always have a plan ‘B’ to make sure the photography works. What really matters is that I am a safe pair of hands for your wedding day photography.

Wedding photography today is so different to what it was twenty or even ten years ago. It’s much more relaxed and spontaneous now, but one thing the photography of today shares with the photography of the past is the importance of these pictures. Once the cars, cakes and choirs have gone, one of the few things you will have left after your wedding day are the pictures, and besides being a record of the day, they are going to give you that warm and fuzzy feeling about how perfect your wedding was for many years to come.

Natural and elegant wedding photography by Glasgow wedding photographer Ian Arthur

My Approach To Wedding Photography


My approach to weddings is about watching rather than organising. I don’t like to cause a lot of fuss during the day because the wedding is about YOU, and not the photographer, so for much of the day I photograph things as they happen, working in a candid and unobtrusive way. The only time I get involved is for the groups and portraits – with the groups taken in a more traditional style and the portraits taken in a more natural and elegant way.

I like to keep the photography simple and the pictures timeless, which I think is the best way to capture a wedding. I think many couples do, too.



I offer three portfolio’s, which are based upon on the size of the wedding, with each portfolio offering just a few options to fit into your day. If you want to know more, or know my availability, then just get in touch using my contact form – and don’t forget to tell me how many guests will be at your wedding.


Each of my portfolio’s includes a wedding album. Yes, a wedding album..! If all you want from me is the photography and the pictures on a USB, then I’m afraid I don’t do this because I believe that each couple should have an album to cherish, and something to show their family and friends after the wedding and for many years to come. My albums are made in Scotland, and they are cute and delicious and also very hard to ignore.


For those big weddings with lots of guests, lots going on, and lots of photography.

From £1250


For those smaller wedding days, with fewer family and guests but lots going on.

From £650


For those intimate and elopement weddings with just a few family and friends. 

From £450



What you need to work out is if I’m the right photographer for you. Some photographers are very funky with their colours, some are very traditional with their posing and some very untraditional. Some, like me, capture the day in their own way to create timeless images.

Visit my picture galleries as they include many of my favourite wedding pictures, and also visit my photography blog. It includes lots of wedding stories with pictures from real weddings. Hopefully these will give you a better idea of my style of photography. If you like what you see and would like to know my availability and an idea of cost, then visit my contact page to fill out the message form and I will send you a reply as soon as I can.

If you want to talk about where my photography can fit into your day then lets arrange to meet over a coffee. Its a no-obligation chat, so anything that happens after that is entirely up to you. Visit the rest of my website, and hopefully, I’ll hear from you soon…

Visit my albums page to learn more about my hand-made and bespoke wedding albums


My bespoke wedding albums are hand-made in Scotland, and are perfect for holding your wedding day memories.

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Pink Weddings

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My picture galleries have lots of pictures from weddings to give you a better idea of my wedding photography.


There are many Wedding Photographers in Glasgow to choose from, but if you are looking for one who is experienced and captures weddings in a relaxed and elegant way, then you have come to the right place...!

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