I left school in 1975 with little more than a head full of dreams. In those days of glam rock, Ziggy Stardust, platform shoes and flared trousers I just couldn’t imagine that one day I would be a professional photographer, but photography is a bit like that “crazy little thing called love” – it slowly lures you and then once it has you, it just doesn’t let you go.

I was a marine engineer for several years, but I knew it just wasn’t for me so in 1983 I went to photography school and re-trained to become a fully qualified photographer, then in 1987 I qualified as an Associate in the British Institute of Professional Photography – achievements which I am exceptionally proud of today.

Since then I’ve worked in all aspects of professional photography, even teaching photography and managing photographers, but whatever I was doing or wherever I was I was always taking pictures in some shape or form, and after 30 years of photographing just about everything – I am still here as a full-time photographer who is lucky enough to visit the nicest of places and photograph the loveliest of people. Its a great job, so what more could I ask for…?