You’ve decided on the date, chosen the venue and you’ve visited lots of websites. You’ve seen zillions of wedding pictures so your next decision is about the photographer. Who do you choose?

Do you choose a friend, a part-timer, or someone who’s just starting out to take your pictures, together with the worry and disappointment this could bring? Or do you choose a full-time professional with a lifetime of experience? Its a big decision that only you can make.

I’m not going to write lots of endless words about what I do. I’ve said enough already, so all I can do is let my pictures speak for themselves and hopefully they’ll say more than words ever could.

“Before the big day everyone said that the day will pass quickly and that we should stand back and take a moment to absorb the atmosphere and remember. We tried to take it all in, but for all those special moments we didn’t catch, thankfully Ian did..!!”

Sarah & Chris



My style of photography is based on watching rather than organising, so I photograph things as they happen. The only time I get involved is during the formal groups and portraits, but for the rest of the time its just me capturing those wedding day moments quickly, quietly and without a lot of fuss.

I like clear and colourful pictures, so if you are looking for a photographer who edits your pictures with all kinds of weird and wooly colours, then I’m not for you. And if you are looking for an artist rather than a photographer, then I’m definitely not the photographer for you. I’m really not.

But if you are looking for a someone who cares about their picture taking, and who takes pictures as the day unfolds instead of taking lots of contrived pictures, then maybe you’ve found the right photographer.

“Wow. All I can say is WOW!!!! You did an amazing job!!! Thank you so so so much for taking the time you took to make it all so perfect.”

Kristen & AJ



I’ve been photographing weddings since 1987, so I know where to be and what to do at any kind of wedding. One of the biggest assets any photographer is experience, which is something I have lots of and I bring this experience with me to each and every wedding.

I also know only too well that sometimes things don’t go entirely to plan. Things like the weather, or one of the many other things that can sometimes get in the way of the day, so besides being flexible I can use my experience to think of a ‘Plan B and be ready for next picture. That’s what a lifetime of experience does.

“We love you, Ian. We will cherish our wedding pictures forever. Not only did we find a world class photographer in Ian Arthur but also a lifelong kindred spirit across the Atlantic.”

Mindy & Adam



My pricing is as straightforward as I can make it. You are paying for me to take pictures, so that’s what I do. Also, you won’t be expected to pay for anything else other than what we agree upon, and because I like transparancy, I definitely won’t be trying to upsell extra pictures after the wedding.

If you want a beautiful and bespoke album or storybook, then you can add those separately – either before, afterwards or next year if you want to. Its your decision, and its the only additional thing you would have to pay for. What you see is what you definitely get.

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A few answers to some of your questions

How do I choose the right photographer..?

I’m a great believer in choice and I hope that couples went on to choose me not based on price, but for the quality of my picture taking. All I can suggest is that you visit several websites, look at their pictures and see what they’ve got to say. There’s zillions of photographers to choose from, some are cheap, some expensive, some just starting and some are just part timers. 

Look closely at their pictures and look for continuity, make a shortlist of the ones you like then arrange to meet the photographers. When you meet ask them lots of important questions – about their experience, if they’re insured and also, their approach. After that, you’re going to have to make an inspired decision. Are they the right photographer for you…?

Will you be the photographer at my wedding..?

Some wedding photographers will take your booking and then have someone else photograph your wedding, usually a part-timer. I would never do that and will always be the photographer at your wedding.

For intimate or smaller weddings I will be on my own, but for big weddings I will have a second-photographer with me – who is also a full-time professional photographer.

How do you define your ‘Style’…?

I photograph things as they happen, so I’m very hands-off during your wedding day. I like to stand back and photograph the day as it unfolds, capturing real moments. The only time I get involved is for the formal part of the day for some group pictures and of course, portraits of the newlyweds.

Do you need a shot list..?
No, I don’t. I photographed my first wedding in 1987 and I’ve photographed hundreds of weddings since then, so I know what pictures to take and where to take them. But… if you have any special pictures you would like, then tell me beforehand or tell me on the day, otherwise just relax and enjoy your day and let me worry about the picture taking.
How do you handle group shots..?
Every wedding needs some group pictures as they are a part of the wedding and its a rare opportunity of families getting together, but I do have to keep them to a minimum due to time. A group picture takes around five minutes to get everyone together and pose, so if you want ten group pictures – that’s around 50 minutes or maybe longer depending if guests are on hand. This is why I keep the groups to a minimum and concentrate on fewer but larger groups.
How many photographers will be at my wedding?

For intimate or smaller weddings its just me, and for big weddings there will be two – myself and my second-shooter, Brian – who is also a full-time photographer of 15 years wedding experience.

What if we love having or pictures taken..?
If you love having your picture taken then all the better. I love taking pictures, especially if you want to play, so let me know beforehand so we can put some extra time aside for your pictures.
What if we dont like having our pictures taken..?

Maybe we could break the ice with an engagement shoot, as this helps me to build rapport with you. If not, then on the day I will try to make the pictures as easy as possible with my hands-off approach.

How many pictutres do you take..?

I don’t have a set number of pictures that I take, but I do take alot. Some of them you won’t see because during the editing all the ‘doubles’,  ‘eyes-closed’ shots or shots that just didn’t work are deleted – and anyway, no one needs to see them. How many edited pictures you get depends on the size of your wedding and the photo opportunities that happen. 

How do you edit your pictures..?

Some people know a bit about photography and some don’t, but its a fair question. The pictures you take on your small cameras or phones are JPEG’s, which are small compressed files. The problem with JPEG’s is once you edit the picture it looses quality.

All the pictures I take are captured as RAW files, which can be edited multiple times without loosing any quality – so that’s what I use. Once i’ve selected the pictures I want to keep I use professional software to edit the pictures, editing each individual picture to get the best results. And by the way – I don’t use fancy colours of effects when editing pictures as tends soon go out of fashion. I like clear and concise colours as I want your pictures to look as good in 20 year time as they do today

What do we get..?

All clients receive a USB with the edited pictures as high and low resolution files – one complete set in colour and one complete set in monochrome – together with the slideshow movie plus an online gallery to share with your family and friends. If you want to include an album or storybook, you can add one to your portfolio before or after the wedding. Its completely up to you.

What if it rains..?

Living in Scotland I’m used to it, but if it does rain then I will always have a plan B for the pictures, whether its somewhere indoors or even outside under an umbrella.

What if you are sick before the wedding..?

Once I am committed I will be there! There’s no if’s and definitely no but’s, but if something colossal were to happen then I do have some close colleagues who would fill-in for me. But in all honesty, in the 30+ years I’ve been photographing weddings I have never missed a single wedding. Never.