Creative and experienced, I photograph weddings of all shapes and sizes.

Capturing the day and those special moments.

Wedding photography of all shapes and sizes by Ian Arthur



Its a photographers job to take pictures of things that happen. And that's what I do, capturing the wedding day and photographing those moments that will mean so much to you for many years to come. Then once the wedding is over I will edit your pictures to provide you with timeless and telling images to remember the day. 

Its a job that I enjoy, because its a happy occasion. But its quite a difficult job because it takes skill and experience to be a wedding photographer. There's only one opportunity to photograph a wedding, as there's no repeats, re-runs and definitely no second chance, which is why experience is one of the best tools any photographer can have.

Photography is my livelihood. Its what I do, and its my sole occupation. But it's also much more than that. As well as capturing one of the most memorable moments in someones life, it's also about commitment and trust. My commitment to providing you with pictures you will enjoy for many years to come, and the trust you are placing in me to tell the story of your day through my picture taking.




Finding the right photographer can be difficult. But before we go any further there are a couple of things I really need to say. Firstly - and this is important - I photograph things as they happen and when they happen. The only time I do get involved is during the family groups and newlyweds portrait pictures. The rest of the time, it's just me capturing your day and taking lots of pictures - which is what I'm there to do..

Secondly, if you are looking for a photographer who turn's up in their best jeans to photograph your day, that's not me. If you are looking for an artist, rather than a photographer, then that's not me, either. And if you are looking for a photographer who edits your pictures with all kinds of weird and wonderful colours, then I'm definitely not the photographer for you. I'm really not. But if you are looking for a photographer who cares about their picture taking, who takes lots of pictures, and who wants to provide you with pictures the will look as good in 20 years time as they do today, then maybe - just maybe - you've found the right photographer.



Okay, you've decided on the date, the venue, the ceremony - and maybe the Groom - and you've also visited lots of websites and looked a zillions of wedding pictures, so your next decision is about the photographer. Who do you choose?

Do you choose a friend, a part-timer, or someone who's just starting out to take your pictures - together with the worry and disappointment this could bring, or do you choose a full-time professional? Someone with a lifetime of experience who has photographed all kinds of weddings? Your wedding is unrepeatable, so whether you like it or not - it's going to be a massive decision. The only person who can mane that decision is you.

One thing I'm not going to do is write lots of waffle about how brilliant I am, how many awards I've won this week or how I photograph a weddings in all parts of the world. Not that I do. All I can do is  let my pictures speak for themselves, and hopefully more than thousands of words on a website say. 



One of the first things you are going to think about when deciding on a photographer is - does the photographer have experience? Its a honest question, and the answer to that is - yes, I do. I've been photographing weddings for over 30 years, so I have the experience to know where to be and what to do at any kind or any size of wedding.

One of the good things about experience is that I know only too well that sometimes things don't go entirely to plan at a wedding. Things like the weather, the cars, the flower girl or one of the many other things that can sometimes get in the way of the day, so besides being flexible, I can usually think of a 'Plan B and be ready for next picture. That's what a lifetime of experience does.

Beautiful wedding photography at loch lomond and argyll




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