Why Do Brides Wear a White Wedding Dress..?

Did you know that Queen Victoria started the trend to wear white wedding dresses…?

Prior to the Victorian era, brides married wearing a multitude of colors. Those from wealthy families often wore bold colors in lavish materials including furs, silk and velvet. Brides who could not afford a wedding dress would marry wearing their best church dress.  In Scandinavia, black wedding dresses were a popular choice and in France, white was the color of mourning for French Queens, although Mary, Queen of Scots wore white – her favorite color – for her 1559 marriage to Francis, the Dauphin of France.

In 1840, the traditional wedding dress as we know it was created, when Queen Victoria married Albert of Saxe-Coburg. She chose to wear a heavy silk satin white gown trimmed with Honiton lace. With the trend set by the fashionable young Queen, brides began opting for white and the ‘white wedding’ was born.

Until the 1960s, wedding dresses would continue to follow current fashion trends. This soon faded out as brides opted for full-skirted designs, often based on traditional Victorian-era designs. In Mexico and much of Eastern culture, many wedding dresses are red, a color that symbolizes good luck.

queen victoria

Queen Victoria in her Wedding Dress

1920's Wedding

A 1920’s Wedding