Why I like this picture at Cameron House

The Evening Light

Is another of my favourite wedding pictures. Some pictures are easy to take, and some quite hard. This picture wasn’t particularly hard, but it was taken with an element of luck. The wedding was at Cameron House, on the banks of Loch Lomond, and during the day it rained a lot so when it was time to take the newlyweds portraits I shot a few outside but the rest indoors. I was determined to get more pictures, so after the wedding breakfast I asked the newlyweds to come outside for a few minutes. Well, more or less insisted…

When we got outside the weather had changed. The rain had gone, the sky was bright and the light was perfect. I had about ten minutes to get the pictures as the first dances were approaching so I marched the newlyweds to the seaplane mooning and I raced off down to the waters-edge, popped on a wide lens and got this picture. I shot a few more next to the seaplane – but this was the best.

As a photographer, sometimes you get the feeling that events (or luck) can sometimes conspire against you. I do believe that if you are patient enough, you can still succeed – and this day my patience was well rewarded. I adore this picture because the colours and the sky are wonderful. When I take pictures like this I feel genuinely grateful that I have a job I enjoy.


Ian Arthur is a Glasgow wedding photographer and captures weddings both large and small in a relaxed and elegant way in Glasgow,  Loch Lomond, Argyll and across Scotland.

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